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Diamond Saw Blade
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Product: Views:180Diamond Saw Blade 
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Last updated: 2019-12-05 00:39

1.Product introduction:

Our diamond saw blade is widely use for cutting different hardness marbles,The diameter is 14inch and 16inch, segment shape is fishhook Slot, 24hours online service is offered.

2.Product parameters:


Inner hole diameter(mm)

Bit tool thickness(mm)

Bit tool height(mm)

Tooth number
















PS:other sizes can be OEM/ODM by our factory.

3.The advantages of the granite saw blades:

1)  Excellent comprehensive cutting performance.

2)  Working fast without chipping and cracking.

3)  High efficiency at the process of diamond saw blades.

4)  Worthwhile cost and friendly surroundings with our saw blades.

5)  The saw blade working smooth and make the surface quite flat.

6)  Our diamond saw blade is widely use for cutting different hardness marbles.

4.Cutting materials:

 All kinds of granite, concrete, brick and so on.

5.Production process:

(1). Make up diamond/metal powder formula of segments by our factory:

(2). Hot press technology to produce segment parts:

(3).Cold press of segments:

(4).High temperature sintered of segments:

(5). Segments finishing(ps:other shapes can be produced):

6.Weld The Segments On The Blades:

7.Twice Quality Inspection To Issure No Edge Broken:

8.Polish The Saw Blade:

9.Color The Saw Blade By Your Requirement, Color Customized:


10.OEM Laser Printing:

11.A Perfect Granite Cutting Blade Produced By Changli Brand:

12.Suitable for different cutting machines:

13.The packaging(OEM/ODM offered):

14.Our service:

Pre-sales service/After sale service/Technical training:


10.Other stone knowledge:

Application&Working Life For Different Marble Blades:

·  Small-Hole Slot / Fish-Hook Slot:

Especially suitable for cutting marble slabs that are hard to cut (For example:Golden Century Beige 

Marble, Magnolia Marble,Royal Botticinio Beige Marble,and Rose Beige Marble), Top Choice for Cutting 

Hard Marble&Jade.       

Life: Φ350 marble blade ,It can cut slabs into pieces for example:(each pieces:600*600*20) with a total area being                      1500-1800 square meters. 


·  Narrow U-slot:

Especially suitable for cutting marble slabs of high and medium hardness.

Life: Φ350 marble blade, It can cut slabs into pieces for instance: (each pieces:600*600*20) with a total area being                      not less than 1800 square meters. 


·  U-slot:

Especially suitable for cutting marble slabs of medium and soft hardness.

Life: Φ350 marble blade, It can cut slabs into pieces , for example: (each pieces:600*600*20) with a total area being                      not less than 1200 square meters       

The stone material processing technology has the diversity and the complexity, its technological content includes: saw

Cutting, thickness (milling), surface processing (grinding, polishing, plane, fire, hammer

Chopping axe, sandblasting, pickling, etc.), cutting off, milling edge, grinding edge, chamfering, drilling, grooving

Repair and optimize the treatment.There is no uniform standard for the classification of stone processing, but from stone

The development of products, its traditional processing is mainly plate processing.Decoration technology in recent years

The technique level improves unceasingly, USES the stone species, the specification and the shape to be more and more, the stone material adds

The shape of the work is more and more complex, from plane processing to three-dimensional processing.From stone products

The shape of the processing is mainly divided into two categories, one is the plate processing, the other is the three-dimensional plus

Work, in addition to the standard plane plate processing processing are defined as abnormal processing

But from the point of view of heterogeneous processing, its processing range is very wide.If the natural stone

Material variety processing classification can be divided into marble processing and granite processing, but by variety

Class, some processing equipment has a common, can be processed marble and granite processing

Therefore, from the process of stone processing classification is close to the actual production, while on the

The use and selection of equipment is purposeful, so it is more appropriate to classify by processing technology

According to the way stone chip removal can be divided into two common machining and special processing

Broad categories.Common machining methods can be divided into general machining and CNC machining, special

Processing mode can also be divided into high pressure abrasive water processing, fire burning (singeing) processing, sandblasting processing

And laser processing.